MTB Route 3: Section 2 – cycling Laufen to Delemont, Switzerland (Jura)

Highlights: Laufen, Delémont

MTB Route 3:02 ( Laufen 355m, Delémont 412m, peak at 810m)

Stats from ( ) ; length 31km (21 km natural surface); elevation 1000m (950m in opposite direction). Some 10min of push-only trail. 

Laufen to Delémont (my Strava)

September 2020

Continuing on from Laufen, I encountered a much rougher terrain and more wooded trails than the previous section. 

After a moderate ascent to the«Welschgätterli» , the trail continues on the heights of the Jura’s with minor ups and downs until Délemont.

Delémont ) is the capital of Canton Jura and situated in the middle of the forested mountains. The charming medieval town, above the new town, is well preserved with Tower Gates, decorated fountains and colorful buildings.


As the photos show, I finished this 2-section ride pretty late and took the train home at dark.

Incidentally, the next day I found a weird looking bug on my face. I certainly caught it in some of the very narrow paths through the woods. Though I was careful not to brush against vegetation to avoid getting a tic carrying Lyme disease, I did not know one could be attacked by other bugs. This one is probably the deer biting fly “Lipoptena cervi or deer ked”.

Next time I will find alternate roads to narrow wooded trails…..

Links to Introduction and other Sections:

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