Route 6: Section 7 – cycling S. Bernardino to Bellinzona, Switzerland

Highlights: Misox Castle, Bellinzona

Route 6: Section 7 (S. Bernardino village 1,608m- Bellinzona 230)

Stats from ( ): 49km, height difference 320m (1,700m in opposite direction). Their site has the full profile.

June 2019

This Section is mostly all downhill until Bellinzona! ….easy enough that we decided to ride it on the same day of the previous section.

Most of the route goes through the impressive Misox valley, a narrow valley surrounded by steep and majestic mountains covered with lush deep green vegetation. Magical waterfalls dot their walls here and there. A slight mist hovering around the mountains gives a little surreal atmosphere to this landscape.


The only landmark along this route, apart from Bellinzona, is the imposing ruin of the Misox Castle. Built around the 13th century in a strategic position to dominate the Misox valley, it is considered today the largest ruin in Switzerland.

Misox Castle


The last part of the Section continues in a beautiful valley with a few minor hills. This time we had a strong wind against us which was a bit annoying and increased our effort significantly.



Arrived in Bellinzona, we continued a few km further south to check into a lovely Agriturismo in Camorino. Indeed, we had already visited Bellinzona and its 3 castles during our 2018 trip of Route 3:07, almost exactly a year ago!

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