Cycling Gstaad to Col du Sanetsch to Sion, Switzerland (my route)

Highlights: Gstaad, Lac & Col de Sanetsch, Sion

Gstaad 1050m-Col du Sanetsch 2250m-Sion 490m

Stats: this is divided into 3 parts, including a cable-car. It is all on paved roads.
1. Gstaad- Gsteig : 11km (180m ascent)
2. Cable-car: Gsteig (1,200m)-Lac de Sanetsch (2,040m)
3. Lac de Sanetsch-Sion: 30km (415m ascent)

August 2017 (1-day trip)

This tour is not part of the Suisse Mobility routes, but I traced it myself using the Suissemobile-Plus function for members. I designed this tour because I wanted to bike above 2,000m to escape another very hot day in Switzerland.
Overall, this was an easy ride, mostly downhill. Although the exercise was minimal, the mountain views were beautiful.

I started from the charming VIP village of Gstaad (covered extensively in 9:02, 9:03). I lost some time here because the signs for route 59 were not properly placed. From Gstaad, I took Route 59:02 towards Les Diablerets, until Gsteig.

Here, I followed the signs for the Sanetsch cable-car. With the SBB 1/2 fare card, the cost was 15/person and 3/bike. The cable-car cabine is small (6-8people) and can fit 1 bike inside or more bikes hanging outside. Since my bike is very heavy, I loaded it inside the cabin.

Arrived at Lac de Sanetsch I stopped for a quick picnic enjoying the stunning panorama.

Lac de Sanetsch


From there, there was some gentle climb up to Col de Sanetsch (2,250m), with great views of the Tsanfleuron Glacier (Les Diablerets complex).

Lac de Sanetsch


Col de Sanetsch with distant views of the glacier


After the Col, it was almost a continuous descent, passing through some dark and stony tunnels.

Towards the end, I took the deviation for Savièse, passing near the Devil’s bridge atop a vertiginous canyon.


The road lastly reconnects with Route 72, ending in the beautiful town of Sion, with its castles greeting visitors from afar (see also 1:04).


Link to Introduction :

BIKING THROUGH SWITZERLAND (with an electric bike)


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