MTB Route 772 – cycling above Oberwald, Switzerland

June 2017 (1-day)

Stats: about 23km, total elevation about 1000m

SUMMARY: Today the plan was to explore the Mountain Bike Route 772 in the opposite direction from Obergesteln (1,355m) to Grimselpass (2,164m) (about 11km). Unfortunately, at 2,200m and 2 km shy of reaching Grimselpass we encountered meters-deep snow all around us and we had to turn back down.

We started Route 772 at Obergesteln (1,355m) on a good but unsurfaced road. The trail runs continuously uphill with beautiful panoramic views of the valley below and the village of Oberwald



After about 6-7km the landscape changed from forest trail to rocky path on bare alpine peaks. At an altitude of about 2,100m the troubles started, with large patches of snow covering parts of the trail and forcing us to push the bikes around them.



Then, at only 2km before Grimselpass, we couldn’t go any further because a large mass of snow surrounded us with no possibility of clear passage. Our only solution was to turn back….

Even if the plan was “aborted”, this was a beautiful day with full body exercise. On the return path, we intersected and took Route 770, which brought us back to Oberwald (1,360m).

Lesson learned: mountain biking above 2,000m should be reserved for July and August!


Link to Introduction:

BIKING THROUGH SWITZERLAND (with an electric bike)

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