Route 8: Section 4 – cycling Bern to Biel / Bienne, Switzerland

Highlights: Bern, Aarberg, Biel

Route 8: Section 4 (Bern 543m–Biel 430m)

Stats from ( 46km long, height difference Bern–Biel (Nidau): 320 m (440m in opposite direction). Their site has the full profile.

May 2017 (1-day trip)

Arrived in Bern, I headed immediately for the bike path. (Bern description in Route 8:03.).

This was a lovely and quiet ride through nature. Most of this section goes through a hilly countryside, nature reserves, farmland, woods, and plain country roads. A great part of the route is also next to the Aare river.



Aarberg ( was the only town between Bern and Biel. Here, I left the path to see the large old covered bridge (16th century) at the entrance of the old town. The square has also retained its old charm, surrounded by two rows of medieval houses.





( is the “capital” of Swiss watchmaking. It is at the Jura foothills on the northern part of Lake Biel. Its old section has a small, charming medieval center that feels completely untouched by and separated from the modern town.


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