Cycling loop Creux-du-Van , Switzerland –

Highlights: vertical cliff at Creux-du-Van

Stats from  SwitzerlandMobility ( ): length 52km, total elevation 1,050m  . Their site has the full profile.

October 2018

What a fantastic autumn ride in the Jura mountains ! Warm, sunny, and fall colors all around.

The road from the Val de Travers (at about 750m) to Creux-du-Van (at about 1,300m) and back is through very peaceful hilly landscapes, but the ride up to the Creux is a continuous uphill for several kilometers and it is quite tiring.


Arrived at the Creux, we had to park our bikes at the restaurant Le Soliat and continue on foot  for a few hundred meters.



The natural amphitheater of Creux-du-Van, with its vertical cliff, is really spectacular and I wish I had more time to do some hiking to see it from different angles. By looking at the void in front of the cliff, one can imagine the power of the cataclysmic event that caused this geological wonder……. it feels as if the earth was suddenly swallowed ….


We went there in the middle of the day but I think a late afternoon light may give a clearer and more dramatic view of the rock formation without the sun shining from behind.

It is defined a place to come back to !

Link to Introduction:



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