Cycling Villars-sur-Ollon -circular tour

Highlights: Taveyanne hamlet (1,650m), Solalex rest area (1,460m)

Stats:  33km long with about 900m elevation

July 2018

We spent the night in Villars and wanted to do a circular tour with our hybrid ebikes (thus avoiding difficult mountain terrains). The only option was to combine various SwitzerlandMobility bike routes. These routes brought us through very peaceful mountains and bucolic landscapes, lulled here and there by the sound of cowbells. The most impressive panoramic views were at Taveyanne and at Solalex:  both places also have a “refuge” where to get great food.

-part of 59: Villars (1,250m) to La Barboleuse (1,210m) (and vice versa for the return)

-Mostly MTB 582: circular tour La Barboleuse-La Barboleuse, climbing halfway to the bucolic hamlet of Taveyanne (1,650m) and continuing up to Les Chaux (1,750m), then starting an exhilarating freewheeling descent all the way to La Barboleuse (





-part of MTB 583 (and at times MTB 68), reaching halfway Solalex (1,460m) with the spectacular view of “Le Miroir d’Argentine”




Link to Introduction:

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