Route 7: Section 5 – cycling Fleurier to Vallorbe, Switzerland

Highlights: countryside, Vallorbe

Route 7: Section  5 (Fleurier 741m–Vallorbe 749m)

Stats from ( 48km long, height difference about 1050m in either direction. Their site has the full profile. 

June 2018

Continuing from 7:04, I ended up riding for an exact 100km and about 1,600 height difference (including the missed turns…). It was an exhausting ride. And I did it only because the train connection would have been easier this way, returning from Vallorbe. 

This Section is similar to the previous one, very peaceful and bucolic, immersed in the Jura landscape of hills, meadows, and cows.


I arrived exhausted in Vallorbe ( (, looking forward to buying a sandwich at the little train station (I hadn’t eaten for 8 hours) and to resting in the train. 

I had already seen Vallorbe in a previous ride (see Route 7:06) and I would suggest to go to the Iron and Railway Museum along the little river.

With this Section I completely the entire Route 7 (Jura Route), stated last year in the fall.

Links to Introduction and other Sections :

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