Route 3: Section 2 -cycling Aarau to Lucerne, Switzerland

Highlights: Aarau, Lucerne

Route 3: Section 2 (Aarau 380m–Lucerne 430m)

Stats from ( 57km long, height difference Aarau–Luzern 420m (380m in the opposite direction). Their site has the full profile. It shares its path with Eurovelo 5

September 2018

I biked this section from Lucerne (Luzern) to Aarau. I arrived in Lucerne the evening before, at sunset. In the fading light, I enjoyed a little stroll by the Water Tower and through the Chapel Bridge.  I even found a cute and delicious Asian fast-food (Mashida) where to have dinner next to my bike.  With the dark settling in, Lucerne acquired an even more romantic atmosphere, with the narrow streets of the old town nicely illuminated to emphasize decorated façades and charming small squares.



Entrance of Lucerne Train Station by Calatrava (1980s)

I had forgotten how nice is Lucerne! Situated on the shores of the homonymous Lake and nestled between lake and mountains, it is one of the main tourist destinations in Switzerland (

Several landmarks are worth seeing, first and foremost the Chapel Bridge and Water Tower. 

This impressive covered Bridge was built in the 1300s but was partially destroyed by fire in 1993, though rebuilt soon after.  It has beautiful triangular gables with 17th century paintings depicting scenes of Swiss and local history . 

At one end of the bridge is the popular Water Tower, also built in the 1300s to serve various town functions. 

Chapel Bridge and Water Tower


Another popular site is the Lion Monument, a sculpture in the rock of an agonizing lion, mortally wounded by a spear. It commemorates Swiss mercenaries at the service of the King of France that were killed at the Tuileries in 1792 during the French Revolution (next to the lion are the shields of Switzerland and of the French monarchy).


A few nice churches also dot the cityscape. Among them is the cathedral (17th century), an important example of Swiss Renaissance.


Left Lucerne the road passes through various suburban areas for about 20 km, until reaching first Sempach (see also 99:07) and then Sursee, two small medieval villages at the opposite ends of Lake Sempach. Like many villages and town in the German part of Switzerland, they too are characterized by a decorated medieval entrance tower and a Main Street with charming old houses and beautiful old Rathaus (town hall).


From Sursee the trail continues unpaved along farmland and canals until the suburbs of Aarau


In Aarau, a beautiful little town explored already in previous tours (3:01)(5:03), I took the train to return home. Note that Aarau is crossed also by several other routes : 5:04, 8:06, & 8:07.



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