Cycling loop Vouvry to Lac de Taney , Switzerland

Highlights: Lac de Taney

April 2020

Stats: Vouvry (400m) to Lac de Taney (1,410m) to Vouvry : distance 21km and about 1,000m ascent. The last 2-3 km are on a very steep gravel car road (very slippery by bike)



In this time of Coronavirus social-distancing, we escaped to the very isolated Alpine lake of Taney, in Valais.

In line with the hygienic suggestions of the moment, we skipped the train and loaded our bikes onto the car with destination Vouvry, the start of our bike tour. Here we found out that the road to the lake was closed to motorists. Indeed Communes across the Country have closed many idyllic and vacation spots to avoid massive Easter exodus and the spread of the virus.

But for us this meant that the road to Lac de Taney was basically traffic-free, allowing us to enjoy a quiet ride up to the mountain.


Reached Le Flon, the paved road ended, replaced by a steep gravel road for the last 2-3 km. This was very slippery and forced us to dismount halfway and continue on foot for the last kilometer.


The lake-side hamlet of Taney, at 1,410m, was still partially under snow. Here we walked around to grasp the breathtaking panoramic view of the lake.


Lac de Taney is just spectacular, nestled in an idyllic Alpine setting, encircled by tall steep mountains covered by pine trees. It is also part of a Natural  Reserve.


The place is very peaceful, with few people around, no doubt because of the difficulties reaching it, either by car (you need a 4×4) or on foot.

The entire panoramic scene seems stolen from a wilderness movie.


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2 thoughts on “Cycling loop Vouvry to Lac de Taney , Switzerland

  1. Gorgeous photos and what a great idea–such a perfect way to get out of the house during the confinement period and to get some exercise as well!


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