Route 44: Section 1 – cycling Lausanne to Payerne, Switzerland

Highlights: Lausanne, Lucens, Payerne (Romanesque Abbey)

Route 44: Section 1 (Lausanne 450m–Payerne 450m)

Stats from ( 56km long, height difference 840m (In either directions). Their site has the full profile.

March 2019

If there is one thing I learned from this trip is to check the wind map before choosing the direction of travel….. Boy was it windy! And biking against the wind took out most of the fun. But at least the weather was mild.

Route 44 is part of the Regional network, ideal for a ride near home. The only intense effort is the 400m climb towards Chalet-à-Gobet. The climb is more difficult if coming from Lausanne (all within 10km), but more gentle if coming from Payerne.

I started in Payerne because I always try to end in the location with the most train connections for the return trip, hence Lausanne. But again, now I would recommend the opposite direction, in view of the wind. The entire section goes through low traffic roads.

In Payerne, one must stop to admire (and possibly tour) the 11th century Cluny Abbey of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, it is currently closed for renovation so I will visit it another time. It is considered a fine example of Romanesque art and the largest Romanesque church in Switzerland (

Payerne Cluny Abbey

After Payerne, the trail passes at the periphery of Lucens, but it is worth detouring into the village. There are a few medieval buildings around an impressive Gothic castle perched on a hill. Unfortunately the castle is not open to the public but one can plan events there……(

Moudon ( is an interesting town composed of a lower and upper part. The original upper village has picturesque lines of small old houses. The lower part has interesting buildings from the 13th to the 17th centuries.

The road continues along agricultural fields with views of the French Alps and of the Alps Vaudois, until the climb to the wooded area of Chalet-à-Gobet, at the outskirts of Lausanne . I have to say that I was pretty exhausted when I started the climb and I was tempted multiple times to give up and reach Lausanne via a more direct and flatter terrain. But I stayed the course…..

I arrived in Lausanne ( 99: 1 ) (1: 6) (5:07) from the north, passing by the charming Château Saint-Maire.

Lausanne has multiple landmarks to visit if one has the time, from the amazing Cathedral on the hills of the city to the fun-filled Olympic Museum by the lake. Here are some websites for a comprehensive list of things to see in the city. ( (


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