MTB Route 3: Section 1 – cycling Basel to Laufen , Switzerland (Jura Bike Route)

Highlights: Basel, Laufen

MTB Route 3:01 ( Basel 270m , Laufen 355m, peak at 743m)

Stats from ( : length 31km (18km natural surface); elevation 880m (800m in opposite direction)

Basel to Laufen (my Strava)

September 2020

The day was cloudy and misty, yet still warm enough to venture mountain-biking in the Jura’s hills.

I had a very late start, arriving by train in Basel in early afternoon and so I did not linger in this beautiful city (covered in previous trips 7:01, 2:09, 3:01).

After a long stretch with little elevation, the Route finally ascends into the thick of the Jura’s hills. Indeed about half of this segment runs in the woods.

This section ends in the picturesque medieval town of Laufen ( )

One enters the old town via one of the three gates. The most beautiful one is the gate with the Clock Tower with a simple astronomical clock .


After sipping a much needed coffee at one of the many restaurants in the old center, I continued biking into the next section (MTB 3:02) towards Delemont.

Links to Introduction and other Sections:

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