Route 6: Section 6 – cycling Splügen to San Bernardino, Switzerland

Highlights: Splugen, San Bernardino pass

Route 6: Section 6 (Splügen 1,456m-S. Bernardino village 1,608m)

Stats from ( ): 28km, height difference 740m (580m in opposite direction). Their site has the full profile.

June 2019

This is definitely one of the most beautiful bike rides I have done in Switzerland so far. The views on the San Bernadino Pass are incredible and the weather today couldn’t be more perfect. The only annoyance were the usual motorbikes and luxury cars that zoomed past us, using Alpine Passes as their own racing circuits, making a lot of noise and disturbing the otherwise silent nature.

Left Splugen in the morning, we started a gentle 20km ascent with a 740 elevation gain. The first 10km were immersed in an idyllic valley and pastoral landscape, sandwiched between high mountains and next to the Hinterrhein stream. Here we were surrounded by all colors of nature: the gentle green of pastures and various shades of flowers, the deeper green of trees, the brown-gray of rocks and finally the bright white of snow against the deep blue sky.


Then we climbed the 8km (450m elevation) to the S. Bernardino Pass (2,065m) through the typical winding mountain roads. And here motorists started having fun, disturbing the peaceful setting……


On the S. Bernardino Pass snow was all around us but the temperature was mild and the polished glacial rocks were emerging from the snow.

The little lake (Lago Moesola) was still partially frozen. We took a little break here at the only Café/building on the pass.


Incidentally, the Pass, which is used since the Roman times, was given its current name after San Bernadino of Siena.

After the Pass, we started an exhilarating winding descent of about 8km to the village of S. Bernardino.


Then, since the next 50km of Section (6:07) were basically all downhill, we continued biking until the end of the route to Bellinzona and to our next Hotel.

Stats of 6:06 plus 6:07:


Link to Introduction and other Sections:

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