Route 99: Section 3 – cycling Laupen to Thun, Switzerland

  • Highlights: Thun (and its Castle)

Route 99- Section 3 (Laupen 489m -Thun 560m)

Stats from 64 km (10 km unpaved). Height difference is L–T: 1100m,  T–L: 1000 m. Their site has the full profile.

August 2016 (1-day trip)

This section was very tiring, due to the fact that the first half of the trip presented very long uphill segments, though not extremely steep. It was not as diverse as Section 2, which remains my favorite. I did not see any important town, with the exception of Laupen and Thun.

Woods near Laupen

The first half passes through hills and woods, with the Jura mountains seen in the distance.

But for me the best panorama is in the last third of the journey towards Thun, with views of the same Bernese Alps that inspired JRR Tolkien.


In Amsoldingen, we discovered a large 10th century church built with massive white stones. Next to it, is a picturesque Halloween-style cemetery from early 20th century.


Amsoldingen church
Amsoldingen cemetery

We finally couldn’t wait to reach Thun. Thun (560m) is a small  medieval town at one end of Lake Thun. It is dominated by a beautiful Castle dating back to the 12th century and located on a hill from which one has a great panoramic view of the town, lake and Alps. The castle can be partially visited and contains a historic museum in some of the tower rooms (but we arrived too late to visit it). Also reviewed in Route 8:03.

Thun attracts a lot of tourists. Aside from the castle, it has also a charming and lively historic center near the water.


Here are the links to Introduction & other sections of Route 99:


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