Cycling St-Michel-de Maurienne to Valloire , France (Day-1: ROUTE DES GRANDES ALPES)



Stats: St-Michel-de Maurienne (770m) to Valloire (1,400m); length 19 km; elevation 900m. Battery used: 50%


Four train changes brought us to St-Michel-de Maurienne /Valloire, the start of our adventure.

St-Michel-de Maurienne

Here we immediately took off for the 12km ascent of Col du Télégraphe (1,566m).
This section winds through pine forests, giving some needed shade but also obscuring the panorama.


At the Col, tourists can visit the massive Fort du Télégraphe. It was built at the end of 1800 but it saw action only in the 2nd World War.

Fort du Télégraphe


Col du Télégraphe (1,566m)

From there we gently descended
into the charming French alpine village of Valloire in Savoie where we spent the night. Valloire is a large and lively village, with many summer and winter activities, and plenty of accommodations and restaurants.


We went to bed early, mentally preparing for next day 18km herculean ascent to Col du Galibier (2,642m).

Continue reading the other Sections of Route des Grandes Alpes using the links below:

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