Cycling Sospel to Nice , France (Day-8: ROUTE DES GRANDES ALPES)

August 2020


Stats: Sospel (350m) to Nice (sea level) via Col de Braus (1,002m); length 51km; elevation 727m. Battery used 50%.


This last section remained unplanned until the evening before. We were not sure if taking the official busy and dangerous route to Nice via Menton or deviating through inland, less know roads.

At the end, we opted for the alternate route and took the inner mountain road passing by Col de Braus and Gorges Peillon.


Col de Braus


This was a very good choice; extremely peaceful and very scenic, although it lacked the splendid panoramic views of the Cote d’Azur.

The vegetation and scent was definitely Mediterranean.


Gorges Peillon

As we approached Nice, capital of the Alpes-Maritimes, the traffic and the smell of cars increased exponentially.

At last!! We reached Nice, our goal, without major hiccups nor accidents! (Well excluding the battery issue on day 3….).

Panorama of Nice harbor


Now we will need to plan a tour of the northern half of the Route.

Links to other sections of the Route des Grandes Alpes:

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