Route 4: Section 4 – cycling Flüelen to Sörenberg, Switzerland

Highlights: Axenstrasse (near Fluelen), Lake Lucern panorama

Route 4: Section 4 (Flüelen 430m–Sörenberg 1150m)

Stats from ( 77km long, height difference Flüelen–Sörenberg: 1650m (900m in the opposite direction). Their site has the full profile.

This Section actually shares its route with other Sections that I have already covered. I will mention here the collage of these routes but I did not actually bike it again. And this is probably a good thing since this is a grueling Section if done in one day. It is very long and with a lot of elevation. At the end, near Sörenberg there’s a final climb of about 10km with 1,100m elevation.
Note also that there is a compulsory boat crossing of the Vierwaldstättersee (Gersau–Beckenried), which will significantly slow down the trip. For the crossing, it is suggested to take boat No. 28 (ferry not in operation in cold season).

Here are the various parts of this routes that I biked separately:

  • Flüelen to Stans (as part of 3:03)
  • Stansstad to Sarnen (as part of 9:06): though not exactly on same path, 4:04 runs parallel to 9:06 from Sarnen to Alpnach (about 10km). But 9:06 offer a much better landscape, running in the woods, on a natural path along the river, while 4:04 goes through the main road, about 300m inland.
  • Sarnen to Giswil (as part of 9:05)
  • Giswil to Sörenberg (described as as part of 4:05). In fact this last, most strenuous climb to Glaubenbielen Pass (1,611m),  was done in a previous bike trip, as the beginning of the 4:05 ride. This was planned for convenience of transportation since the only train station between the 2 Sections is in Giswil. Indeed, it would be more appropriate to put Giswil as the end/start point of 4:04 /4:05.


Links to Introduction and Other Sections:

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