Route 5: Section 7 – cycling Yverdon to Lausanne, Switzerland

Highlights : Yverdon, La Sarraz (w Castle), Lausanne

Route 5: Section 7-end (Yverdon 430m–Lausanne Ouchy 370m)
Stats from ( 52km length, height difference 340m (400m in the opposite direction). Their site has the full profile.
April 2017 (1-day trip)
I continued along this Section on the same day of Section 6.
After Yverdon, I biked for about 20km through flat farmland. The peaceful nature was, however, ruined by the constant noise of the nearby highway. Overall, this Section was not that diverse and not one of my nicest rides.
A nice diversion, right on the route, is the Castle at La Sarraz. This was built in 1049 to control the passage in the area, and never changed hands for 900 years, until 1948! (
La Sarraz
La Sarraz

After La Sarraz, the ride becomes more challenging with many hills.

The trail then passes near several industrial areas.
At Bussigny, I finally left the wooden trail and went to catch the train in Renens.
I cut the route short, skipping the part from Bussigny to St Sulpice to Lausanne (about 12km), because I had already biked it before and as part of Route 1: Section 6.

Here are the links to Introduction and other sections of Route 5:

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